El Xarel·lo

Xarel·lo is the flagship variety of the DO Penedès.
Brilliant, unique and rewarding... the essence of the territory.


Xarel·lo is the most widely planted variety in the DO Penedès with over 7000 hectares under vine. It adapts well to the terrors and climates of the Penedès. It is a rustic plant with steady growth that shoots early in the spring. Resistant to both drought and heat, production and quality are well balanced year after year, improving in old vines.

Unoaked Xarel·lo wines are smooth, medium bodied wines with a silky character; fruity and aromatic, they have good acidity and an excellent alcohol level.

Xarel·lo based wines designed for ageing are full bodied, warm, long wines, with a mineral finish and a marked varietal expression heightened through maceration with the skins, fermentation in barrels or cement eggs, ageing on the lees, etc.